Does canceling a polygraph appointment have any negative effects?

I have a TS/SCI with CI from previous employment. I’m currently working on a CCA with a FSP scheduled. I’m planning on canceling my FSP and transitioning to a 3rd place of employment that requires TS but no poly. A friend of mine thinks canceling will cause a reinvestigation and jeopardize my security status, but I can’t find anything online that supports this.

I don’t know the answer to your question for sure, but I’m curious as to why your friend believes this is so.

I’ve heard a lot of stories surrounding the polygraph but I’ve never heard this.

If you give them sufficient notice I’m sure they’ll be able to get someone else in there and the polygraph office will be happy about that.

I followed up with my friend. He said he heard this information from a 2nd friend. I contacted the 2nd friend. The 2nd friend was told by his examiner during a FSP that canceling during a poly would launch a reinvestigation. I’m not sure if the examiner was telling the truth or bluffing. My 2nd friend thinks I’ll be fine as long as I don’t cancel mid-poly.

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