Does the Polygraph or Security Clearance BI Check Officially Your Digital (Social Network) Footprint?

I have several questions as I am about to go through a TS/SCI+poly clearance for a contracting job. I’m in my early twenties and I’m addicted to social media like crack.

Does the background investigation for security clearances officially check your social networking and online presence now? If so, how do background investigators (BIs) do this?
Will they ask for your social media account usernames or URLs?
Will they ask for your login passwords?

If BIs do not officially do this, do they do it unofficially, such as just Googling a candidate and poking around the popular social networking sites for hits?

What if your social media pages are private so that only your accepted friends can view them? Will government agencies ask you to make your accounts public so that they can view the pages?

What unacceptable things on your social media can disqualify you from a clearance?

What about polygraph questions, have they changed at all in the past couple of decades to include anything about an applicants online presence?

I did not see anything on the SF86 about social media accounts. I find it hard to believe if checking an applicant’s digital footprint is not part of the process now, whether officially or unofficially.

I found this interesting thread on Quora but cannot verify the authenticity of it.

The internal process cannot be discussed here. That being said, I’d avoid using the phrase “addicted like crack” to your investigator.

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Why not? The SSBI process was never a secret for TS clearance. Is the social media check new and classified?

Check out ODNI’s Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD) #5. It spells out how social media can be used in the background investigation process. Only public information can be used.

If you are that concerned about what is on your social media, maybe you need to consider other employment options?

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Thank you all for the replies. I got other information on this as well. I will say this, I SUPPORT HIDING INFO FROM INVESTIGATORS. Yes, I wanted to get that out of the way before I get accused of the same thing. Investigators will only find out what is public and what people tell them. Everyone has secrets and the U.S. government does not need to know everyone’s business. This is my stance and I stick to it.

If you keep your social media profiles private, the investigators cannot force you to give up passwords or reveal information on your pages. However, if one of your Facebook friends willingly shows your private page, which your friend can see because you are both Facebook friends, then there goes your privacy. With this info, applicants who have pictures or info they want to hide should clear up their pages and make everyone private long before their background check starts. If a friend has saved your pictures or posts and shows them to an investigator, there is nothing you can do about that. This scenario is unlikely, but can happen. The takeaway from this is that investigators cannot make you give up your password and they cannot see your private pages as part of the security clearance background check.

Applicants, lock down your social media before applying for your security clearance! If you can Google yourself and see your public info, then the investigators can see the same thing.