Employer Requested Government Downgrade My Clearance

I work for a government contractor. I was going through a really tough time with depression earlier this year. I confided in my supervisor that, although I was not suicidal, I viewed suicide as a viable option. My supervisor had concerns about my well-being and reported me to someone within our organization. I was escorted to Medical for a Fitness for Duty evaluation and also made to meet with an EAP counselor. The doctor and the counselor agreed I was not suicidal and the doctor cleared me for duty with no restrictions. The next day, I was notified by my manager that my clearance was being revoked, but I could reapply for a clearance. My clearance wasn’t revoked, but was downgraded from ‘Q’ to Building Access Only. My employer notified me that I was going to be terminated since I was “unable to maintain” the clearance which was required for my job. I learned that my employer asked the government to downgrade my clearance and the government did so. Since the government did not investigate any derogatory comments or revoke my clearance, I was not able to appeal the downgrade. Is an employer-requested downgrade a common occurrence?