eQuip 7 yrs / BESS / OPEM - Ref , neighbors


eQuip 7 yrs / BESS / OPEM - Ref , neighbors

I am on probation for a misdemeanor telephone harassment from 4 yrs ago.

A DUI happened around the same time in an abusive relationship I made bad decisions that I can't seem to shake to get a good job working for the government. It's embarrassing. I'm just scared I will not pass and miss out on other job opportunities that didn't require EOD completion to get waiting to see if I pass this one

Somebody shoot straight with me and tell me if I actually have a real chance of passing it or it's really 50/50.


Were you truthful and honest on all accounts? Did you reveal everything? Has your life turned around since? Are there other items from the whole person concept giving weight to these previous issues? Items seemingly unrelated but when taken as a whole cause a person to pause: bad credit, continued slow pay, or garnishments, other traffic offenses, dismissed legal complaints, civil court issues? Are you fully compliant with the rules for your probation? Can you petition the court to end probation based on your recognizing it was a bad relationship and you have since changed? If you are on the same path, and act in the same manner I would predict you will not clear. If you have changed for the positive and cleaned up all other areas of your life and accepted responsibility...you are at the 50/50 mark.