Fiance Owes IRS

My fiance owes debt to the IRS…he hasn’t started a payment plan (but he currently works and still pays taxes)…if we get married, will his IRS debt affect my clearance?

Most likely not since he incurred the debt before marriage, so it is solely his to deal with.

As Marko noted, this should not affect your clearance as the IRS will be carrying the debt under his social security number. On the other hand, I would suggest that the two of you deal with it and start a payment plan OR negotiate and settlement with the IRS to get it off of the books. When you start to file “married filing jointly” (MFJ) the debt will prevent you from collecting any federal refund until it is satisfied. The IRS, actually FMS, will keep your refunds and apply them to the past debt.

When you marry, you marry the whole person. Many of their problems become joint problems and this is something that you should be careful about.

You don’t say how much debt we are talking about. But, the truth is that is not that easy to acquire large amounts of TAX debt. You need to be ignoring problems and IRS notices for some time OR violating the law by hiding unreported income and then getting caught. The background, the story behind the debt may become as important as the debt itself.

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I know this is going to sound terrible but if your fiancé is in a lot of debt you may want to sign a pre nup if you are going to get a clearance. If things for some reason head south you won’t be liable for it and you can prove it. Legal documents can either hurt or destroy a person.