Filled out a strange SF-85 NACI

I filled out the eqip sf-85,

Several things I notice coming from a job that I had a secret clearance to a low risk position.

The SF-85 just asked for my

  1. Name
  2. Education
  3. Places I lived
  4. People who know me
  5. Employment History

The employment history never asked if I have been fired. Although it didnt ask, I used the comment field to explain what happened.

  1. Criminal History
    I have no criminal history, but found it very strange only asking about drug use.

The application didn’t even ask me about visiting foreign countries.

The SF-85 has never been updated. You’ll be asked a bunch of extra questions during your interview that will cover all those topics.

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There is no interview for low risk nonsensitive positions. You should have been asked to also fill out an OF-306 which asks about termintaions and convictions.