Finally got the long awaited email.


I have been awaiting for almost 2 years but got the email today saying my clearance was granted. Thank you to everyone who commented on my posts.


Congratulations! What department of government, what level of clearance, and did you get a start date?


DOD, TS and I have working already with an Interim. Just was waiting for the full deal.


Great news! Did you have to take a poly?


No i did not. I hear those can be pretty tough


TS without a poly? Interesting, i thought everyone had to take poly for TS.


I found it strange too! Perhaps the poly is for TS/SCI? But not necessarily for TS? In any event, that’s one less thing that Djholli had to worry about!


You can be eligible for a TS through an SSBI which typically doesn’t include a polygraph. Polygraphs are require for TS/SCI.


Nope. And plenty SCI TS that don’t get one either. But for those of us suffering under them (I have had 4 at recurring intervals)…yeah not much fun.


As noted by @amberbunny, A TS clearance does not require any type of poly and not all TS/SCI positions will require a poly. Certain IC agencies require it and certain positions with the DoD and other agencies have requirements for specific type (e.g., counterintelligence, special agents, etc.)