Fingerprinting range of years for VA

How far back does fingerprinting for a medical trainee position at a VA in New York State goes? I’m wondering because OF-306 form only states to put any charges dating back 7 yrs. Does that mean fingerprinting will only have a range of dating back 7 yrs as well? (Kind of contradictory if the answer is no…so why should I not disclose something that is 10 yrs old)

About 10 yrs ago, I got arrested and fingerprinted. The cops wrote me a ticket or a summons to present to a civil court (where there is a bunch of other random people waiting to get called their name and do hearings one by one…). The judge “dropped” the case, and I don’t think I had to pay for the ticket. I was 18 yrs old at the time, thoughtless, did not anticipate on getting into this profession. The problem is that I kept no record of it afterwards (tickets…etc) so I have no exact information regarding the case (not sure if the case was exactly dismissed or sealed/expunged…etc).

For my medical trainee position at the VA, I only have to fill out OF-306 and do a fingerprint background check.
Will this show up on fingerprinting?
What will be the best way to approach this?

Fingerprints are a lifetime record.

It will show up. Or it will show on other law enforcement checks.