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Sooooo now that CACI is number 2, who is number 1? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Perspecta/KGS always says/said that they are #1. Some say CACI is #2. GDIT was, supposedly, #4.

CACI announced to their investigators that they are #2 for scheduling

I wonder if SCIS is #1​:thinking::thinking:

What are these rankings about? Percentage of work, number of cases?

They are probably talking about current standing with NBIB. I have been told in the past that SCIS was #1 based on quality metrics, but who really knows?

I think all these rankings are a way for NBIB to mess with the contractors…forces them to squeeze more lemonade out of the lemons. And the companies all feed into it. It is ridiculous. Does anyone want to know why there is a backlog or why it takes so long to get a clearance?..look at NBIB. Contract companies have to beg and plead and prove (with numbers) that we need more work before they will give it to us. If we were to ask for work and not complete it in a timely manner, fine/punish us…then it is our fault for asking for work that we didn’t need/couldn’t complete timely. Last I heard CACI had a 97 or 98% quality score with NBIB…but now they are #2 and they won’t give them work. I am going to go out on a limb and say that 97% quality is better than the the fed staff quality score…