Foreign Passport return

Just got a package from Fedex and it was my old foreign passport. I remembered @Marko mentioned that earlier that foreign passport will send back according to a new DoD policy.

Great news! Except that we are all paying for the government to FedEx things that they shouldn’t have in the first place back to their rightful owners . . .

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I agreed with you. …

Not just the fedex, but paying the guy who gets it ready for the fedex, and the guy who got it to that guy, and the guy who went and got it out of the files, and so on and so on.

I wonder how long they were hanging on to these things? If somebody turned in their passport 20 years ago do you think the G still has it?

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I was asked for my foreign passports from when I was a minor, and copies of the relevant pages were acceptable. So I just emailed it to Security. Strange that you had to physically turn it in!

I’ve only heard about these situations second hand, but in some cases people said they just had to sign a statement saying they were willing to give up their citizenship from the other country… no surrender of passport required. Guess it varies widely.

I signed a notarized affidavit and surrender my passport and I took my notarized affidavit to the interview. I gave to investigator and he looked at it and told me that this is good.

My investigator did not require me to surrender foreign passport; however, during the subject interview, it was use to validate my past travel, which I listed on SF86, during the time I was a PR. I clearly indicated the barcode on the passport frontpage has been cut-out which invalidated the passport. In additional, I was asked to raise my hand and make the statement that I was willing to give up citizenship from other country if requested or required by the U.S. govt.

Skynix, have you been cleared or still waiting like the maj of us?

Still waiting. All I get (from Congressman office) is OPM is waiting for “third-party record provider”.