Forgot to mention vocational school on SF-86

This is for a three letter agency for a TS/SCI.

Timeline so far:

12/18 - Apply
01/19 - Register for CNT
02/19 - Take CNT
03/19 - Operational Interview
5/19 - CJO Extended
7/19 - CJO Email Recvd/Eqip/SF86 Submitted
8/19 - Met with BI
9/19 - Confirmed BI met with other references
10/19 - Onsite Poly/Psych - Pass

Concerns: I forgot to mention on my SF-86 two vocational schools I attended for a field I no longer work in and that was about 9 years ago. I only included my High School and College I recently graduated from. I mentioned the vocationl school during my poly as during the psych test it mentioned other certification I may have received from another school and it hit me that I forgot to mention the vocational training. I had no disciplinary actions at either school. I mentioned that in my poly prior to testing and mentioned that the psych questions triggered me remembering that I forgot to include.

During the psych and poly, I also mentioned my illegal downloading; last instance 3 years ago. Mentioned I felt it was wrong to steal and felt guilty for stealing art from artist I really enjoyed their works. It wasn’t fair to them and have since purchased all of my media that had been illegally downloaded in the past. I have also deleted all illegal material around 3 years ago. I mentioned the illegal downloads during the psych and poly prior to testing because the psych requested that info where I didn’t really see a place to include on the SF-86.

In anyone’s experience, am I SOL?

Why do you think you would be SOL?

Because I forgot to mention my schools.