Former spouse's SSN

The interim clearance application my friend is applying for is on hold because she can’t provide her former spouse’s social security number. He is refusing to give it to her. Is my friend basically screwed?

I’m sure this isn’t the first time this has happened. There must be some way to leave it blank and make a note somewhere-- unless eQIP insists you put something in there.

Seems to me that you can put all zeros in there with an explanation in the comments section about not knowing and him refusing to give it. It should not hold up an investigation or even an interim decision.

She explained that in the actual application. Her security point of contact of the company told her they NEED the social. He said the OPM needs the ssn.

She hasn’t even seen him in 8 years.

OPM has a huge FAQ database. It can be difficult to navigate but maybe they can find something in there and show it to the security person (I would say “shove it in his face” but that would be impolite).

Out of curiosity I just checked and they have a separate FAQ for the eQIP and unfortunately it is not as big as I recalled…

This topic is not covered in the FAQs.

Does she have any copies of the tax returns they submitted while married?

All good now. He gave her his social. Thanks for all your help, folks!