I have a reapplication brief that was prepared by ALAN EDMUNDS LAW FIRM that was submitted to DOHA my employer needs to submit a reapplication request in order to process this brief what does it take to submit this request,by whom and is it a complex process

For people who previously had a clearance denied or revoked, they must first be sponsored for a clearance by their employer and submit an SF86 like any other applicant. DSS PSMO-I then sends the applicant a letter instructing them to submit a written statement to DOHA explaining what has changed. If the Director of DOHA approves the reapplication request, DSS forwards the SF86 to OPM for investigation. If the reapplication request is denied, DOHA notifies the applicant in writing. If the reapplication request is approved, the only way the applicant usually finds out is when they discover an investigation has been initiated at OPM. It sounds like you did something out of order.
Bill Henderson (info@fedcas.com)

I just had a acquaintance (whom I interviewed as a source on background investigation) ask me how to file a complaint with OPM. She was selected for a Defense Contractor position and the Contractor’s FSO advised her to modify/change her SF86 information which my acquaintance refused to do as the modification made her employment information incorrect. I don’t know all the facts, but would like to provide her with contact information for filing a complaint with OPM. Thank you.

@oldestinv, Try this first: https://www.opm.gov/investigations/contact-investigations/