GDIT laying off many employees on BI contract

It’s been talked about. It’s not big news because it’s happened at most companies

I have not heard of recent layoffs at caci or scis.
Have you?

Not recently but CACI had a big re-org a couple of years ago. Keypoint and Securitas were receding offers. Caci is hiring big time and took on isn investigators what do we think will happen next when the industry has changed

Has the DOD or has any executive order offered guidance with insight that would affect workload after October? In example, reduction in federal positions requiring clearances or clearance portability between agencies?

I’ve heard that too…that he billed NBIB for completed cases that weren’t actually completed in order to inflate earnings. No idea how accurate that is, but that’s what I was told by someone else.

USIS all over.

Another all hands meeting announced for this upcoming Monday for all GDIT employees working BICS. Anyone have any insight on what it may be about?

Adam Lurie left GDIT last summer for a different federal contractor. This happened shortly after General Dynamics took over that company and created GDIT.

Well there have been tons of people laid off since this post was made and now there’s word of a stop work order due to breach of contract. How’s everyone holding up? I’m still at GDIT for now but working on an exit plan.


Stop work order? Wow.

I’m still here and I notice dod has been sending case messages for some of my cases I have


Good deal. Unfortunately, there’s no work in my area despite there being about a dozen military bases of various sizes for all branches and the USCG, multiple shipyards, several contractor offices, etc. where I live. It’s quite clear to me that there has to be work in my area… GDIT just isn’t getting it and none of the other vendors are hiring BI’s right now. I might try to get into Review just to hold me over for a while until some other things I’m working on come to fruition.

Breach of contract? For what? DCSA is holding on to cases until October.

SCIS is hiring both experienced and entry level investigators. No layoffs there.

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Has anyone filled out paperwork for the new credentials or received them yet?

I would assume it’s a little early for that. When FIS became NBIB I don’t recall the credential switch happening well in advance so I don’t assume it would this time either. I think what I’m most interested in is hearing how other vendors are getting training on a new reporting system, but I haven’t heard a peep about any such thing with GDIT.

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According to a link someone posted, DCSA is going to continue to use FWS for the next several years.

Gotcha. I know I had just read someone was talking about training on a new system, but none of the people I know across all 3 primes have heard anything about it. I assume what I read may pertain to small test group or training team specifically.

After spending the high end of double digit years working on this contract I still do not know what’s going on. Never seen work this low although I believe DOD is just holding onto work and OPM is not releasing much due to the transition.

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I am a Fed and have not heard about a new reporting program replacing FWS. I wonder if people are confusing NBIS with FWS.

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