Good chance to pass SSBI?

Hi guys.

I am a college student in my last semester of my senior year. I attend a good school in the Northeast. Recently I accepted a job offer as a B.I. with one of the companies the OPM BI contracts. I am coming close to my time to complete my SF-86 and just want to know if you guys think I will be good. I have a lot of nerves (spent hours today just reading blogs like this and freaking myself out). I have never been arrested, cited, etc. I have one traffic violation that was dismissed, and I once got subpoenaed for an a party in high school that I wasn’t drinking at (judge told all of us just to make better decisions). I used marijuana very occasionally my freshmen year of college, and took unprescribed adderall once for a test the fall of my sophomore year— (i didn’t feel anything, never tried it again). I have not used any illegal drugs in the last two years of college. Will i be okay for getting the SSBI?

I think you’ll be fine.

Make sure you list everything and how long was your drug use been? If it has been 2 years plus I think you have a good chance.

I think, based on what you shared, assuming it is accurate, you will clear. Don’t hide from your past. It is what it is and was what it was. A certain amount of leniency is available for middle school through college graduation age. They understand people are surrounded by substances and like minded people. Experimenting is expected. Be sure to deeply think and give accurate information here. Otherwise you can have trouble classified as a “lack of candor.” There is very little room to maneuver concerning candor, a euphemism for telling lies and distortions. Good luck.