Here to annoy: Which I’ve become good at! 😉

@sbusquirrel… gotcha. I only said that cause your dry humor reminds me of plenty of my co workers.

@Trey3 I get to go back this week to redo psych and poly due to them expiring. Wasn’t expecting that news when recruiter told me I should hear something in a month. Thinking about just giving up at this point. I’ve spent too many vacation days on processing and feel like it’s just a waste of time at this point.

@hawk911, that’s crazy (how long have you been In this process again?)

Also, how long before they expire?

I wouldn’t give up. Go and knock itout. Stay strong!

@hawk911…oh man, sorry to hear that you have to go through those all over again. I can see why you feel like that at this point.

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Supposedly they are good for a year but I’ve heard different things. Recruiter didn’t know date they expired just that they were expired and was told I needed to redo them. I last did them around Nov of 2017 so it’s been a good while. Just found out about them and have them scheduled extremely quick so hopefully something may be getting pushed through. Hopefully as soon as I do them I hear something about FJO shortly after.


@hawk911, ok… good. So please go and good luck!!!

I’ve heard of the pee test expiring but not the other stuff. Funny, once you get cleared you’re supposed to do the poly every five years, but I guess once you’re cleared they may feel they have more control over you.

As for the psych, well, I may not be a good one to ask :crazy_face:

“I’m OK and so am I”

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@Trey3, give yourself another 18 months then you’ll be at my timeline :joy:

I asked my recruiters if the poly ever expires and she said no, so I’m really not sure what to think anymore. That may very by agency, but I think the more likely situation is that the recruiting folks don’t have any clue at all what the requirements of the security office are :man_facepalming:

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@12345… that’s a ridiculous timeline. I don’t see how you’ve done it. :man_shrugging:t5:

Yeah, with respect to recruitment… I’m starting to believe what they say. I have NO legit idea what security does.

@Trey3 I finished up everything and it all seemed to go smoothly. Poly was much easier this time for some reason. I was worried at first since they couldn’t find my name but everything was handwritten in for scheduling which was weird. I guess the quick scheduling threw things off. I actually got to meet recruiter in person finally and they gave me 4 weeks. I told them I was concerned since I’ve heard that before and they said they had checked and just updating poly and psych was all that was needed. Poly examiner told me I passed and didn’t see anything to worry about. Psych exam was quick and painless. Hopefully this is actually the last waiting to do.


@hawk911… yes!!!

My second poly was quick and “easy” as well. As was the psych.

It’s good that you got to actually meat your recruiter in person — I’m assuming it gave you a sense of ease?

(4 weeks of what?)

Yeah, hopefully… this is it for you.


@hawk911 good to hear, hopefully you won’t have much longer. I got an email today that said

“This is an informational email which requires no action on your part. You are currently active in the Suitability process (which encompasses Security/Psych/Background Investigation). In accordance with the Privacy Act, the Recruitment office does not have access to your security file in order to maintain applicant confidentiality. As a result, I am unable to provide a precise timeline for the remainder of your processing.”

So I guess I can assume that I am not yet in adjudication. The wait continues…

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@Rkf4ever, I guess NO news or little to NO news… is good news? :smirk::man_facepalming:t5:

That sounds like the random phone calls I get it.

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@Trey3 that’s the right attitude to have, but ummm the wait is still killing me lol

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@Rkf4ever, I’ve only been at this about 14 months since submitting my SF-86… at this point, I’m trying anything. So, I can ONLY imagine what you’re going through.

(Luckily work has been busy lately to keep my mind off of it)

Stay strong… I’m rooting for you.

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I just got a phone call about still being in processing… it’s been 4 months since my “unresolved” poly so I wonder if I’ll ever have to redo it, but I hope not.

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@T0ff312s… I’ve gotten about 3 of those (calls) I think. :man_facepalming:t5:

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Anybody know why a TS/SCI reinvestigation seems to take so long moving from a DoD job where the reinvestigation was started and now being at a new job on the IC side where i am presently stuck in New Guy hell since i cant do my job since i have to take a CI Poly which i cant take yet due to my status of awaiting Adjudication?!

@Rkf4ever Do you actually have good contact with your recruiter? I couldn’t get in touch with mine for almost a year I think after multiple calls and emails. I have received some generic emails from random people I guess that are in the area I would be working. These just say they are still interested. I never seen one about suitability. How long has it been since your last visit? It looks like most people have received a FJO within 2 months of their visit unless they are like me and end up waiting forever in the dark. I do have the calendar counting down this time though.