How do I obtain my security clearance Status and get it re instated

Hello, Everybody

My name is Dezz. I joined active duty June 2000, I did seven years active and then did the reminder of my years till feb 2019 In the Air Force reserves. I was accused of a crime and went to military court April of 2018. I was tried for military administrative discharge. I won my my case and was cleared to be retained in the Air Force Reserves and keep my federal Job as an ART(Aircraft Reserve Technician) federal employee. I was then given a proposal for indefinite suspension even though I won my case, do to having a suspended security clearance. My ADC lawyer said re instate me ASAP. I received the letter from the 3 star general stating I won forwarded it to my commander and base legal. They then denied my re enlistment for the same things I won my case for. I did a rebuttal my flight chief said yes to retain me, maintince commander said no. I went to re enlistments and opted for a rebuttal. I won my rebuttaI and won but since the reenlistment guy didn’t notify his commander it was thrown out and I had another one done which I won. I had in my package NCO of the quarter I won, 4-5 EPR, 4 EPR on my federal side and not one LOR or LOC ever in my career , a letter from the three star stating to retain me and letter from my ADC stating return my security clearance. I did I IG complaint, I tried to do an EO complaint. IG said its an rebuttal in works and closed my case EO denied me to fill out a complaint because they said it wasn’t valid.
So I had a bad year now currently 2 year span that I had 0 points towards my retirement, no contributions toward my TSP, and no income as of feb 2nd 2019 the day after the day I was to return to work from my achellies surgery. I then was given an extension for 2 months since I had an active rebuttal in the works. I then receive an letter that states I can resume work if I have an active security clearence which was suspended.
My question is how can I check the status of my SF-86 and get it re instated or at least check the status. Also if you know any good military lawyers and security clearance lawyers.

If your initial clearance was in 2000, you are somewhere in the area of requiring a reinvestigation. That may be contributing to your issues.

As far as being cleared of whatever crime you were charged with, adjudicators will look at the facts of the case, not just the verdict. There are many situations where your clearance can be revoked (or denied) even though you were not found guilty. They will look at the situation as a whole. Where the charges came from, facts about the arrest and what led to it.

I would suggest Google for a clearance lawyer in your area. There are some good, expensive, attorneys that work nationally but I would want to talk to someone local.

thank you for the info. I reserve status and I’m currently no points no pay. I’m still receiving a LES from my civilian and military side. I Still get e mails from relistments wondering if i fixed my security clearance. Something makes me think they did something wrong to keep me employed and still on military status. I know my suspended security clearance can be fixed myself just looking to be pointed in the right direction. I have a lawyer just trying to package everything together to make my lawyers job easier quicker and more affordable for me. Again any information is better than none. thank you

I don’t think that this is the case. Your problem can only be fixed by someone who wants to get you into a cleared position. It doesn’t sound like the military wants you back so they may not be very much help.