How to answer criminal history questions?

At the very early stages on the OPM onboarding site where they ask criminal history and employment questions.

I’m going to be 100% honest. I’m trying to find a balance of taking responsibility and not saying more than was asked.

Question asked if i was ever imprisoned. I was. My ex wife applied for charges against me and an arrest warrant was issued. So i was arrested on a warrant. The case went to court around October and all the charges were dropped. It’s been expunged from
My state and the fbi rap sheet.

At the time my divorce was so incredibly hostile and still
Is to an extent. She got charges on me and then I got
Charges on her. All charges were dropped on
Both ends.

Part of me feels this is a non issue as she made false allegations but the other part is worried because her allegations are very serious. Stalking , harassment, trespassing, violating a restraining order.

In my state ANYONE can apply for charges and have them issued without police involvement. The prosecutors office then looks at them and decides if they will prosecute or not.

Part of me wants to explain that last paragraph.