IC Poly and Adjudication Process


It’s a soft pull. You won’t notice it through services like Credit Karma. You will need to pull a full credit report to see the soft inquiries (you get one free for each service per year, so consider spreading them out, maybe 1 month after you submit, then 3, then 6 months).


A good news story for a change. My timeline was rather quick. IC hire GS to GG. In access TS/SCI at the time of COE with a fresh T5 (14 months old). No prior IC employment.

Interview/COE - end of Nov 18
SF-86 turned in mid Dec 18
Med/Psych - Feb 19
Poly - Mar 19
Cleared with EOD - 01 May 19

End to end - 136 days

No personal interview. I believe they used items from the last T5 which I find a bit surprising considering the Agency. Well, I guess they kind of interviewed me through the psych and poly but no formal interview with an investigator.

I think this is a huge outlier as my friends in this agency said a year to a year and a half and were shocked I cleared so quickly. Anyway, it is a data point. Good luck to all.


@deza, is this Ic Agency in MD or VA - if you don’t mind me asking?



@Trey3. Thanks. It is in VA.

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@Deza, oh ok, gotcha. :wink:


So it looks like I’m in the same boat as many on here. Getting ready to hit 2 years in June since my BI was initiated, and 3 years in July since I applied. My timeline is:

Applied - July 2016
Aptitude Test - August 2016
Interview/Info Session - November 2016
CJO/SF86 - January 2017
Medical/Psych/Poly - May 2017
BI Submitted by Investigator - July 2017
Last contact with PO: April 2019 Still “actively processing.”

I’m beginning to think that I’m going to be due for a 5-year re-investigation before this process ends. As far as issues, I really have none. My credit’s excellent. No foreign contacts. No arrests. I have a current SSBI (non-clearance) with DHS. I really can’t imagine why it’s taking this long to adjudicate. Fingers are still crossed and I’m still hopeful, though.


You’re not approaching three years, you are just past two years. Nothing that came before your SF86 in January 2017 can be attributed to security processing. But, if you have been told that you have been in adjudication since July 2017, somebody needs to push some buttons. Get in touch with your congressman/senators and have them inquire as what is going on. Sometimes it just takes a bump to get things moving.


How long is “too long” and when you should try your senators? 2 years since it goes into adjudication?


I hope you hear the good news soon!

My timeline is very similar except I am only approaching the 2 year mark since application. I don’t know if I can take waiting another year+.

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You can try contacting your senator but it won’t help with the agency he is processing with. I went that route two-three months ago, received a letter back saying the agency is unable to provide any explanation in order to protect my personal information and that a phone number was provided to the person to contact their POC and ask questions if needed.


yea the CIA just doesn’t care at all and they move at a snail’s pace no matter what. very frustrating. and contacting the POC gives the cookie cutter “still actively processing” response. their process is completely shielded

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Same boat here too. doesn’t look like you should expect to start for at least 3 years from CJO depending on the organization.


This IC agency isn’t the only federal agency taking it’s time, though. I applied for the SA position with HSI the same month I applied for this agency (July '16), and after completing everything, I’m still waiting for HSI also.

Which, interestingly enough, brings up another question concerning what happened with my security processing for HSI. The HSI SA position requires a TS clearance. I currently work for CBP where I have only a public trust SSBI with no clearance. I applied to HSI with several coworkers and when we reached the security processing phase, they all received E-Qip invites to start the process for their TS clearance. However, I didn’t receive one, so I called the HSI security office to see what my status was for security processing. They told me that they had accepted my current SSBI of Jul. '17, and I would be granted a TS clearance once I was hired on. The interesting thing is the Jul. '17 SSBI is the one that was started by the IC agency that I’m currently processing with, and not my CBP SSBI which was from Nov. ‘15. None of my other coworkers’ CBP SSBIs were accepted and they all had to redo their BI. So my question would be, how did my SSBI that’s being processed for this IC agency show up in the system when HSI checked for it if it isn’t adjudicated? And if it has been adjudicated, what the hell am I still waiting for?


37wks into my processing. Applied 09/18, submitted my SF86 12/18.

Poly and Psych completed end of April. Haven’t heard from my investigator yet, and starting to get a little antsy. Everyone else with a similar timeline seems to have worked in reverse, knocking their BI out first, and then going through the poly/psych portions.

I know I am being impatient, I just don’t want my case to fall through the cracks.

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You are NOT 37 weeks into your processing. Your SF86 was submitted in December. Start counting there. It’s pretty early to start thinking about having fallen through any cracks.

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62 weeks since submission of my SF-86.
Psych done in February 19 and Poly done in March 19… still NO subject interview. And as of NOW, references NOT contacted.


I’m slowly creeping up on 100 weeks since submission of my SF-86. I think I got the crack filled so you don’t have to worry about falling into it haha. It’s not great but at least you still know there is a step to complete. Even though I was told I should hear something soon I don’t really count on it. I am pretty sure I remember hearing that phrase last year around this time.

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125~ weeks here. Hang in there brother.

I’ll let you guys know what life is like on the other side of 625+ days in adjudication.

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You are right, that was definitely an oversight. 22 weeks of processing on my end then, which does make me feel a bit better.


I believe the other agency I am waiting on is the same one you are waiting for. From everything I have seen, that is a normal wait. I remember being told 3 years of waiting is normal so I haven’t even bothered checking into it. I do get much more contact from that agency saying I am still processing though.