IC Poly and Adjudication Process

We’re into the third year of COVID, at this point. That just can’t fly as an excuse anymore

I am glad for you you, though, that your process has picked up

They have about three months to provide me a date or I pull the plug.

We used to request updates, they’d swear they didnt have them…I would read from their system they had for 18 months. Suddenly it would come back to life. I’m betting it was sitting on a desk or in the transition of one employee to another…it lost steam. That was usually followed with them calling exasperated asking why forms were outdated or signatures were expired. Totally lost on them they had it that length of time and they caused the problem. Good luck on completing and hopefully getting a livable salary.

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Anyone know the mechanics of what happens betw the verbal FJO and the written? How long, what’s being done, etc?

I will definitely be negotiating that the grade offered initially be stepped out, or to a higher grade all together. The cost of living is almost twice as much as it is where I am now. I am currently a government employee.

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Can’t hurt once initial offer made. At that point they want you. I did that when I moved from 27 years as contractor to Fed. Initial offer came in as 13 step 1. I pushed back and was given step 3…and they recognized my time and expertise giving me 10 years. That part is meaningless unless you retire other than starting with more vacation. Just got step 4 five months ago. Dont base “requst for higher step” on economy. Base on experience you bring to table. Strong chance you can push it up.


Thats is exactly what I plan on doing. I will also be asking for 3 or 4 steps more within grade.

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That’s just infuriating. And it leads to a perception of arbitrariness that shouldn’t have a place in national security.

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Keep us updated. Here’s hoping for a good outcome for you

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Will do. I can’t see them sending me back to redo part of the medical only to deny me after the fact at this stage. I am in excellent health.

Likely permissions just expired. Once you sign they may do a recheck on meds.

I am surprised they have not asked you to come back to update your medical. Maybe the position you applied for is not currently open.

I’m fully expecting another medical and poly if I ever do get the call. The position is still listed as accepting applications.

Has anyone had a recruiter mention that “you are at the end of the adjudication process” and that “usually it isn’t too long before you get a clearance decision”? My recruiter told me this about 6 weeks ago and tbh I’ve been a little too excited that I would be getting a decision soon. Was hoping that this meant something good for me…sigh

Recruiters are not involved in the security process and do not have a need to know the status of any case. Your recruiter needs to stay in their lane.

Well said person is not my recruiter anymore sooo - I also found it weird but whatever

What do you think the likelihood is that it will take months to get on the job after clearing the medical portion for the second time? Do you think they will move fast after clearing the medical the second time? Does this just buy them another two years to drag the process on?

I would think within 60 days now. But signatures expire at 1 year…so it is possible they took forever and a day to initiate your BI.

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All my appointments were completed within the first year. My BI was the last thing completed and it was finished February 2020. I think my file fell behind a desk.

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It happens. Normally as one case manager moves on…new case manager has file…nothing moving forward, nobody asking about it…then signatures go invalid. Normally, as a contract security manager I could no nothing. But…we had a 370 person FTE contract and the 3 letter agency knew we needed fill their slots or they werent getting the support they needed. So their security office would inquire. They could get answers. Ego gets involved, clearance never wants to own that they werent moving files…they blame it on some missing document. A document they never contacted the person, security manager or even client running the compound. We pushed when we could, paused when we needed. But we had a great track record following up on clearances. I’m sorry your security office isnt pushing hard enough. It can be done…

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