IC Poly and Adjudication Process

Hopefully you are correct and I am at the very end.

Thanks for all your insight and responsiveness!

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During this process, how often is too often to be checking in with recruiters? I’ve been sitting post polygraph for about 11 months now and I don’t know what is going on at this point, but I’ve heard that too many questions seems suspicious. Just sit back and wait?

After 24 months total I would check. 3 months later check. Then 2…

Just got the call to re-do my medical, four years after the first medical. Did you ever hear anything?

I know I cleared medical the second time without any follow up requests. I am still under two months since redoing my medical appointment. Hopefully I get some information soon. I certainly hope they would not bring us down to redo the medical portion and clear it again only to end up without a final offer.

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Likely a final check, signatures expired. All else good? Get offer.



In a couple weeks it would have been two full months since completing the medical the second time. My lease has been up for three weeks and I have moved out. If it takes much longer I will have to find a new place to live and sign a new lease.

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Four years still processing?! That’s crazy.

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And I’ve heard there are more than a dozen applicants (with CJOs) to the same IC office in the same boat. My motto is “I am not the fastest 90%”

3 years after poly, med, pysch & sf-86, I’ve been asked to come in for a personal interview. Anyone know what this entails? Normal part of the applicant process? Will this journey ever end…

Scroll up and Amberbunny2 explains what it is. Get ready to redo the entire medical portion as well weeks/months after the personal interview has been completed. It takes about two months to clear medical once you finish the medical appointment the second time.

Well…damn. We’ll see what happens. What an exhausting and inefficient process.

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I am going through it with you. Many people are going this the same thing.

I’m just wondering, if they are redoing medical after 4 years, don’t they want to kinda recheck if you still qualify for a job you were hired for 4 years ago…Who knows, maybe a person moved on into a totally different field or whatever.

Apparently not at this agency.

I am starting to feel better about my situation when I encounter more and more applicants that applied months or years before me and are still behind me in the process.

I hope everything goes smoothly for all of us this year.

Back in February, I got a different call from the “still actively processing”. This one was “are you still interested?” A few weeks ago I got called to re-do the medical evaluations.

Got the call and negotiated salary higher!!

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Outstanding! Congrats!

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Excellent news!!!

How many steps were you able to negotiate?

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I was able to get five steps!