"in the queue" question

How long can a clearance simple sit “in the que”. Does the adjudicator get like a computer message pop up at some point basically saying “hey, this file has been in the queue for 6 months”…just one of my morning cup of coffee thoughts?

Depends on the pay load of the adjudicator. The area which you live in has some impact on it too. Finally, it depends on whether or not your case really is simple as you say.

thanks baker39466, question for you. Why does area in which you live in have any impact on adjudication time line? I know location can affect how long it takes to get PI done but I didn’t think it had any influence once it was in the adjudication phase.

Because an adjudicator can have hundreds if not thousands of cases to determine eligibility. Your location matters because of simple supply and demand. When you reach adjudication phase, you simply fall in line and wait until you’re up next.

Disclaimer: I could be very wrong. I’ve been dabbling in security clearance websites for a year now, and only been cleared for a week. So take whatever I say with a grain of salt. Just trying to be of small help.

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lol…love the disclaimer, thanks for the info baker39466