Initial Unfit determination

Hello I recently went through background and was determined initially to be unfit for contractor top secret clearance. Reason stated misconduct or negligence in employment. I was terminated by law enforcement career after 15 years. I fought it and still was terminated (right to work state) the Peace Officer Stanfards and Training board determined I did not violate code of conduct and did not sanction my law enforcement license at all. I currently am deputy sheriff. Sheriff county auditor, city police chief all wrote letter for my appeal dknthis initial adjudication and I have a lawyer.
I was terminated Aug 2017 and have been working at sheriff’s office just over a year.

What are my chances of winning appeal?

Thank you.

Every case is different. I have seen people with admitted, egregious lists of offenses get a revocation reversed. I have seen those who seem to be minor cases upheld. There is likely much more to the story on those. If your cleared lawyer looks up the actual listed reasons for the revocation, potential mitigation’s available, and works hard to apply each one to the reasons given. I doubt the reason was financial, but as a weak analogy, don’t tell them you are getting into a payment plan…and then fail to demonstrate said payment plan. Make sure whatever the mitigation is…you are actively living up to it. I am well acquainted with a Virginia police situation where the DA refused to ever allow an officer to testify in court because he believed he lied under oath. He was initially fired, but had that overturned. They rehired him but he effectively could not do his job because anybody that challenged him in court be it a traffic ticket, whatever…the DA did not trust that he was an honest cop. So he was frozen out of his dream job and forced to work in an administrative function only. So these can be overturned but it doesn’t always satisfy or provide the desired result. Keep us posted on how this works out and how you play the hand (when you can.) It is always helpful to learn from actual cases.