interim secret denial will take longer process time for final decision?

I saw many people who have shorter process time got their interim secret.
what about those who got rejected on their interim secret? does anyone get shorter process time? (I know avg time is 9-12 months right now).

Hard to say for sure but if a person was not granted an interim, it typically means there was something in their background that the government wants to get some more info on. In most cases this means it will not be one of the fastest cases to close.

I would say it depends on how complex your case would be (i.e. finance, foreign, records). Personally, I thought my case was expedited after reach out to congressman; however, not all parts of your case would be able to expedited. You could get the subject interview earlier, but your case then has to wait for other steps to catch up … i.e. I think the AdvanceNAC or IC (FBI) background is slowly catching up with the rest of investigation process. You might want to listen to the recent Intelligent Community hearing of security clearance (~Mar 8-9th) to see how hung-up the process is being work out.

I think that your sponsoring employer must request and justify an interim. Not getting one doesn’t mean that you were denied. It may just mean that your company doesn’t want to bring you on board, train you and pay you, only to lose you if your denied a permanent clearance.

You may not even know that it wasn’t requested.