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What if someone from the investigation company looked at your file( All cases) after it has been closed. He/she told you all is well and there is nothing to worry about?

It strikes me as pretty meaningless . . . Investigators have nothing to do with adjudication and, as far as I know, they don’t even get told about the disposition of the cases that they work so there is no way that they can predict your ultimate disposition.

When she says looks good, that just means that the interview went through but she doesn’t know the exact details of your clearance

The exact words he/she used was " There is no way you will not be cleared". He/she looked at the details of my case.

My investigation case is a reflection of me. My credit history is perfect, I have no criminal record(s), no police case, and no drug or Alcohol use. The only minor issue is that I have to renounce one of my nationalities and I have done so.

When the adjudicator saw me case, he requested me to write a letter stating that I only want to be an American citizen and will never use another country’s passport to travel.

I wrote the letter and also mailed him/her my expired passport ( passport of another country other than America)

Any “investigation company” fo r the Federal government that declares “There is no way you will not be cleared” is not a very good investigation company.

The investigators, to include the investigation company, do not have access to the entire report of investigation. Only the adjudicators and the federal agencies have full access…

Also, as previously stated, only the adjudicator knows. Just having citizenship with another country means your clearance is not guaranteed.

Too many Subject’s think the security clearance process is a four step "check the boxes: and you are in. The process is more like a very high risk business loan from a nervous bank.

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Based on the agency that hired me, I must renounce my citizenship with another country and I have since done so. I renounced my citizenship with another country during my naturalization oath ceremony.

"Also, as previously stated, only the adjudicator knows. Just having citizenship with another country means your clearance is not guaranteed. "

Per your comment: The Adjudicator basically told me what I need to do so that the issue of Citizenship with another country does not affect the final decision.

I am not worried about the citizenship issue.

No investigator should be telling you you have nothing to worry about. But, that does not mean you do have something to worry about. It is simply because Investigators do not perform adjudicative functions and have nothing to do with the adjudicative/decision making process. Even if an investigator tells you this, they should not be as it in not their function. They should not even be giving you their personal opinion.


Also, you renounce your foreign citizenship by contacting the embassy of that country and filing an official statement renouncing the citizenship, not during the US naturalization oath ceremony. Just an FYI.

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For my case (DOE), It was not compulsory to renounce.

I needed to showing willingness to renounce but I did renounce anyway.