Investigation is only part left, but silence.


First off, I know. This process is long, and tiresome, and I need to sit it and forget it. I am just hoping to get a real investigators opinion of this situation.

Going for a TS/SCI with an IC agency. Submitted my SF86 forms in November, and they were finished being reviewed and submitted in early March. My recruiter and I chatted a bit, and she made a comment about “Have you ever had a background investigation done? I see here they may be finished with that part?”. I told her no, I have never gotten a call, never been investigated. She asked if a close family member was employed, and I stated they are not actual blood related family. She sounded confused and then said “Okay, you should be hearing from someone in the next few weeks”.

Since early March, I have completed my Poly, and my Psych eval, and submitted the requested documents from the Psych. They are just waiting for the doctor to do the final review and then that is complete. He said that should only take a day or two, but its been five. However, not so worried with that as my recruiter says I will continue all the other processing in the mean time.

Its been 10 weeks since my recruiter made the comment about hearing from someone in a few weeks. I thought I read here that once the case is given to the investigator, it usually its acted upon pretty quickly. I am just confused on why I have heard silence this long, I guess. From the other forum, most of the people who applied the same time frame I did, have already completed their investigation and are just finishing up poly’s and psych evals. Two of them with a nearly identical timeline to mine already have their final offers. I know that is all dependent on the need of the job, but I am just curious and looking for any insight to why I may be stuck here.

I got a new recruiter assigned and they only can tell me that the investigators are a 3rd party so they cannot see anything in regards to status or movement. I know that is 100% true, but the first recruiters confusion on thinking I was already done the investigation worries me.