Is it a red flag if I met with foreign nation head of state in the past?

Hey guys, am I in trouble if I met with a prime minister from another nation[not hostile to the US or its allies]
in the past. Should I tell my investigator in advance or wait until he asks about it? You know, J Comey said there’s something wrong when a person brought something up when no one’s asking :smiley:

Many thanks in advance!!

This is required to be listed in your SF86 if it occurred in the 7 years prior to submission. If it occurred between submission and initial interview you’ll be asked about it.

I will, of course, make a difference WHY you met with this head of state . . .

Did you attend a state dinner because you were dating someone at the consulate? Were you plotting a coup? You don’t have to tell us but you know if the meeting will be problematic.

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I met and chatted with the Russian Ambassador to Japan at the snow carving festival in Sapporro. I reported it. Found out later I was felt up one side and down the other for info and determined to be of no Intelligence value to the Russians. Didn’t know if I should have been hurt or happy. But it was 1990 and I was a young dumb troop. I do report this on every Poly even 28 years later.