Is it true that if adjudication takes longer than 90days, they have to give you a reason?

Is this true or false? And if true, how exactly do I reach out to them to find out the reason?


If it is true then every agency I’ve been investigated by over the past 20 years has violated this rule.


No . . . It isn’t true . . .

I believe under the last reformation action that was a desired outcome. But once they loaded up on investigators to dissolve the clog…all those packages then went to adjudication…moving the clog. The client I just left had a contract change in adjudicator. That meant price cuts…salary cuts…senior highly cleared people walked. Enormous clog. As I left my position, the previous norm was 18 months, soup to nuts from sf86 to poly to cleared. There are at least 6 on previous contract now well beyond 28 months…cleared at Secret…but waiting on the adjudication of the TS. Bad part…next investigation based on close date of last investigation. Meaning, in about 2 years…they re enter the re investigation process. Even allowing that they are letting the cycle go to 6 years vice 5…I’m not seeing a way around it. Double bad: some leave prior to adjudication now you have loss of jurisdiction to deal with.

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