Its time to shake the tree


I am in adjudication since October 2017 with more than two years in total waiting for TS. I think I shoul talk to some authority as well.


Mine is only for a DoS secert with a squeaky clean record, ive held DoD secert, TS and TS/SCI and was even a held a TS/SCI courier card in Iraq. Shouldnt take this long for a secert. If I was going for a TS at the 18 month mark I would have contacted my congressman, for my secert I gave it until 100 days in adjudaction to finally seek answers. Ill give the broken system its due process but enough is enough.


Is that 18 months from applicant signing an offer, 18 months from sending in the SF-86, or 18 months from the beginning of investigation? Can you offer any insight into what might be going on for an applicant who signed an offer, sent in the SF-86, and was only contacted by a BI a full 14 months later (and is not 22 months from sending in the SF-86)? Which event would count as the beginning of the process for the 18 month benchmark?


I will claim 18 months from the date the cover sheet is sent to the clearance office. Why this date? Because a company can offer a position, and still take a few months to get the SF86 finished with the applicant, the company security officer can sit on it for a few months before sending it in, and the clearance office will likely have it in a cue for a month or two before it is assigned. When I get an approval, they return my cover sheet and I see the date the clearance was granted and the date we scanned it to clearance division. I see a rare 12 month person, but 90% for TS SCI poly take a robust 18 months and 2 years is seen frequently enough.


I’ve seen 27 months in adjudication. So yes I have seen long waits and eventual approvals.


Wow let’s hope that’s a rare case…


I thought that State still wasn’t polygraphing at all.


no, DoS has position that require a TS/SCI with poly and well as aplha and gamma read ons.


I’m assuming you are in Tucson. :smiley:


This wigged me out at first, I was like “ how in the !@$! Does this person know where I’m at” then it clicked that I did give my congresswoman’s name… complete OPSEC failure … lol


The FSO emailed me the date that he put my SF-86 into the pipe line. It has bee year now to date for my SF-86 TS SCI Poly. To date everyone that I listed on the 86 has been field interviewed, Friends, family, place that I lived,places that I worked, schools, and me as well. But t this point iI have yet to hear anything at all. Though the next step would be having to go for a polly. what should I expect from here on out? or how much longer would you think?
thank you


I have been waiting for DoD secret clearance for 17 months now and in adjudication for last 5 months. During BI, investigator told me that my case is straightforward. I contacted senator’s office to check with DoDCAF. The only thing I have heard is that my case is assigned to an adjudicator an is under review.

I received copy of investigation and everything looks good to me. My previous supervisors were contacted, their status shows pending and undelivered. I wonder if adjudicators are trying to reach out to them for more info. This is a very opaque process


how long did it take for you to recieve the copy of your BI? I requested mine a month ago and nothing, but mine is for a DoS secert.


It took 3 weeks. I asked NBIB which is part of OPM.


The timelines I see normally: 4 months after submission to the clearance folks, the member is contacted. 4 to 5 months after that a Poly gets scheduled, and they clear about 6 months after that. 18 months is a normal clearance time up to 2 years.


What about for just a secret… no TS, no SCI, no poly… just a secret oh and for DoS not DoD


4 to 6 months. I will tell you working with State to crossover their clearances was quite a challenge. They kept taking me in circles as if it couldn’t be done. It can be but getting them to do it is frustrating.


Wow, 6 months after the poly to clear? An individual at the agency where I’m undergoing the processing told me that after the poly, everything typically moves pretty quick ( as in, within a month). I know it all depends on the individual’s case, but I think what’s frustrating is that there seems to be no real time-frame to rely upon. Are the hiring components typically able to wait that long to get their new hire on-board - (knowing how long it “really” takes)?


Yes in my community anyway. I cannot start an employee unless cleared. With 390 positions growing to 450…I interview 15 to 20 monthly, screen out 15 to 18, and submit 2 to 3. I only submit those I feel will clear. Using the whole person concept, and adjudication standards balanced with time and age. Of course this is impacted by honesty or lack of honesty from the prospective employee. If they come back “dirty”, as in multiple arrests, poor credit, several terminations…there is nothing anyone can do. I strive to get them to open up and provide honest answers. They aren’t looking for angels, but reasonably explainable situations. Use dope? When and how much?, got fired? What was cause? But lie about any of it…and you created a candor problem. That is harder to overcome. 18 months is absolutely the norm for TS and Poly, going out to 2 years isn’t out of the ordinary. And yes, in many situations they clear…only to turn down the position. A person’s life can change dramatically in 2 years.


It’s been 21 months and I haven’t even had an interview yet.