Jet ski citation impact?

Hello all, I had a citation on riding a jet ski without a safety certificate on a trip to Ocean City last year. I was not aware of the requirements for riding jet ski on a bay. In any case, it was a payable citation for just over $100 so I decided to pay for it right away when I got home from the trip, without the need to attend court (8 hours drive away). Case was closed and no further action required. I did not think of it any more than a traffic citation. Now I am about to go through the security clearance process (secret level) and just realized that it showed up on my criminal record as criminal offense. I am wondering if it will have negative impact on my chance.
Beside this incident, I have a clean record, no DUI, no drug use, > 800 credit score. Yes, I am definitely reporting this in the e-qip and explain the whole thing as I did above. Just want to know if there’re anything else I can do now to help mitigating the issue. Thanks!

No . . . You should be just fine . . .


You may want to look up the citation in more detail. It sounds like a moving violation type of situation which isn’t a reportable offense. If it shows as a misdemeanor then yes you would need to report it.

No harm in reporting it though. Might give the investigator a good chuckle :stuck_out_tongue:

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Read section 22 very carefully and don’t report anything you don’t need to unless you want to drag things out unnecessarily.