JPAS Access Question

Is a clearance required to access JPAS?

an authorization, and a position requiring the need, are required to access JPAS.

backgdinvestigator, I have a question. My background was completed on 1 July and at the request of DoD CAF, I was required to conduct a Medical Evaluation in regards to Guideline I. The evaluation was conducted in September, does the evaluation carry a lot of weight in regards to determining my suitability and clearance approval?

Every adjudication guideline carries a lot of weight. The evaluation will probably impact your final approval whether the outcome is positive or not.

Thank you for the response. My background INV was started on 10 Nov 2019 and it was completed on 1 July 2020; it is fair to say that my adjudication will be lengthy?

In many cases, when the adjudicator requests information, it is not much longer until they render a decision. Hopefully it will not be much longer after they receive the results of the medical exam.

The exam was completed in Sept but, I will have to continue to be patient with the process. Thank you both for the responses.

Update- clearance granted notification 2/8…thank you both for guidance during this process.

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