Just got my clearance.. Have a few questions


Hey there. Happy to finally say that after 10 months I finally heard that my clearance was approved! (I found out through OPM directly and my recruiter at SCIS said I should hear something from them soon.)

I will be working as a background investigator with SCIS. I have a few random questions I was hoping someone may be able to answer.

1- How long should I expect to wait for a NIPT date? Are they scheduled pretty regularly? Or will I potentially wait a few months for the next one to start?

2- The gentleman who did my in person interview identified himself as “Special Agent” so-and-so. Is that because he was an employee of OPM rather than a contractor? Or are SCIS (and other) contractors referred to as Special Agents as well?

3- I’d love to hear anyone’s advice as I start out as a total newbie in this field!


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NIPT class intervals vary by company. Good luck to you!


Awesome information. Thank you!

Open auditions for an experienced mentor are ongoing :joy:

I don’t know anyone in the field, actually!

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Make friends with your NIT classmates. You will be each other’s lifelines for the first several months.


@Jmp1013… congratulations!


Only those who work directly for OPM/NBIB as federal employees identify as special agents. Everyone else identifies as a special investigator.

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