Just received a kidney

Hey guys, I wanted some advice on returning to work. I was attached to the IC. When I was in, my kidneys had failed, and I had to do dialysis near Fort Meade.
I had to take Army Retirement disability in 2020, and finally, I received a kidney this year. I do hold a TS/SCI with Poly, and I would like to go back to work and use it, It’s just I don’t know where to go. I was A Army civ, so they allowed me to stay in while I could, and I did for two years. I pushed myself hard to help save lives and deliver intelligence.

M<y background is in computing security. It sucks because I was just starting out my career when my kidneys failed.

I am getting a lot of contract offers, but I have not taken any yet. What I want is to go back into the federal government because I want to keep my fed insurance; however, if I can find a good federal contractor with great health insurance, I’ll be willing to look at them.

I just want to feel useful again, I feel like I’m just wasting away. I am fully recovered from my transplant. Also, I worked hard in university to get my degree. I want to maintain my clearance, too. That was hard to get as well.
I passed the poly on the first go.

One this is, I don’t want to be trapped in an office doing nothing for 8 hrs a day, since I got a kidney, I want a little more freedom like walking around outside. When I do have a project, I do want to spend as much time as it takes to finish it. Just when I’m not doing anything I just don’t want to sit there bored.
Also, I want to set up computers and networks and secure them and do forensics and data recovery. So I want to be more hands-on rather than sitting there looking at some agencies’ vulnerabilities. I mean I’ll do it if I have to, I just want something different.

Any help would be grateful.

Thank you for reading this.

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Your goal is to get good healthcare insurance as well as keep your clearance. You believe the feds provide better health care than private sector. You also don’t want to be stuck in doing a desk job…

  1. You have a very desirable skills, I think even if you lose your current clearance, someone else will be willing to sponsor you to get clearance again.

  2. TBH, some local gov provides better health insurance than the feds. I work for a local gov and my spouse is from the fed, when we compare our health insurance Apple to Apple, mine provides better coverage with a lot less $$ (600 difference for a month). This may not be helpful if you intend to keep your current clearance, but again, see reason 1.

  3. NSA recently started a program for former Intel experts. You should look that up, although I am not sure how it will give you the flexibility to walk around (however, I heard they are very flexible in terms of schedule so maybe you can do sitting in 2 hours and take a break for 15 minutes throughout the 8 hour working period?)