"Legalized" Grass

I live and work in New Jersey. At some point in the near future, I expect our new Socialist governor to sign a bill allowing recreational marijuana. I think that if they put a bill in front of him allowing recreational oxy use he would probably sign that but we don’t need to go that far.

I have no interest in pot. Legal or not. Never did. But, is there any guidance for us security holders? We are not supposed to socialize with anyone that we know gets high and we are certainly not supposed to be around while they are smoking. After the bill is signed, my neighbor will be allowed to sit on his back deck and get high. If I’m at a bar in Philly, some of those smoking out on the street will be rolling joints.

If I’m at the neighbor’s house, on the deck, siting around the fire pit with a beer in my hand and he pulls out a jar and some rolling papers, am I supposed to go home?

From my perspective, you are worrying about nothing. As long as you do not use it, move on. You can go to any venue or function and smell the stuff.

Tom . . . Not worrying . . . Really just wondering if there has been any guidance provided at this point.

The smoker could also be a spouse, child or other cohabitant . . .

You probably will never see it. Not high on the radar screen giving everything else to worry about