loss of jurisdiction issued by DOD CAF

I got very confusing information regarding where my case was being adjudicated, and my company told me it was at DOHA. Just a few days ago, my JPAS record was updated by a “loss of jurisdiction” status issued by DOD CAF. Does this mean my case was actually with DOD CAF for the adjudication? O/W, the “loss of jurisdiction” status should be issued by DOHA.

In addition, DOHA notified me that they actually don’t have any record about me in their system. If my case was ever in DOHA’s system for over 4 months, it should have already logged into DOHA’s system and was already assigned to an adjudicator.

Any ideas here?

You would know if your case went to DOHA because you would have gotten a statement of reasons and a subsequent denial letter from the DOD CAF. That is when you would appeal to DOHA., Loss of Jurisdiction means the agency that sponsored your request for a clearance notified the DOD CAF that you no longer need the clearance for them. The answer lies with your company.

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My company told me that they were notified my case had been sent to DOHA three/four months ago. However, I have communicated with DOHA via both email and phone and different representatives, but was told consistently that DOHA didn’t have any of my record in their system. Is there a confusion here?