Lost job offer b/c TS is inactive. Is there anything I can do?

I just found out that my top secret clearance is no longer active as of last month. I just found this out after interviewing for a museum position that requires a top secret clearance. The museum was going make me a job offer but that’s when they found out that my clearance was no longer active. They say that as a non-governmental organization, they are not able to help activate my security clearance. I really want this job. Might you have any advice on what I can do?

What museum was this? The CIA one at Langley?

There has to be some information missing here . . . If the job actually requires a TS, they MUST be able to help you apply for it. Although, they have no obligation because it could take two years for your access to be restored.

If they simply WANT someone with a clearance, it doesn’t matter because it would have expired in a few years anyway.

I think that you need more information about the requirements. By the way . . . When you say, "I just found out . . . " the rules have been in place for year and you WERE informed of them at one time. It’s your responsibility to know your status.

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Thanks for your response, Ed. Maybe the better question should be what do I need to do to get my clearance changed back to active – and how long does that process typically take? My previous position ended early this year.

There’s nothing that you can do on your own. You need a company that will sponsor your investigation and will, essentially, start over from scratch.

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