Lying on an SF 86

I have already posted this in some form or fashion but I was sponsored for a secret clearance from Feb 2016 to May 2017 when it was discontinued and placed into LOJ status.

I have since been sponsored for another secret clearance as of Jan 2020. I have been informed by my FSO that they will continue where the old one left off since it was never completed. He informed me however that I would not be receiving an e-qip since that e-qip is still valid.

What happens now? Will they send me an LOI for the first one for me to respond to?

The problem is I job falsfied the 1st secret clearance when it came to why jobs ended. I said contract expired instead of being fired. When confronted by my investigator however I did admit that yes I lied.

How do I mitigate this or I cant in which case what is the fall out?

Its frustrating because I understand now that I should not have lied in the first place. I was given bad career advice and told to say “contract expired as they dont look.”

That was clearly stupid and very bad advice and I was stupid for listening.

I have since stopped doing this and no longer do as of 3 years.

Can you recover if you did lie on an SF 86 but no longer do or is it a “one and done”?

As you were told when you posted about this previously, yes, this can be mitigated. I have no idea why they told you that your old clearance will be continued if you haven’t done cleared work since 2017. You’re pushing three years and are currently in LOJ. Updating your SF-86 will not do much good because they already know that you provided false information. You should end up with the chance to explain the situation, explain what you have learned since and show that the “new you” will not do anything like this again and that you are no danger to national security.

Others here may be able to be more specific . . .

Sir I am just increadbly stressed out about the situation is all.

Everything you said is 100 percent how I feel.

I will never do this again.

I am not a threat to U.S. in any way.

I am a proud patriot who loves my country and would never do anything to jeopardize the U.S. in anyway shape or form

I have done cleared work since 2017.

Just not sf 85 secret clearance.

Your thoughts are my thoughts exactly

Question for anyone who can answer: Does anyone really go to jail for lying about/omitting minor drug use? If you fess up during a personal interview, does that at least somewhat mitigate the lie? (I’m aware that the adjudicator can and likely will deny your clearance, but do they actually go through with charging/prosecuting you if you fessed up?) Thanks.

In addition to the above, one of the job falsefaction issues I was dinged on is I volunteered in my subject interview that I job falsify my private sector resume as well.

This too…I no longer do. At the time I did it becuase again I thought it would make me look better to prospective employers to not have gaps of employment on my resume.

This too I understand to be a dumb idea and I regret doing it.

How do I mitigate this concern other than to say I did do that at the time of the secret investigation, however I no longer do.

I guess my question is how will the person reviewing my response believe me or know I’m telling the truth since when adjudicating someone, they don’t look at your resume since that is not part of the process in determining someone’s clearance or not.

Should I include my resume as proof I no longer do that or how should I proceed in that matter?

No . . . they do not go to jail . . . Yes, self-reporting at your interview IS a mitigating factor but does not eliminate the issue. In fact, it will often cause them to suspect that you have STILL left something out and push you harder for more information.

The only real mitigating factor for lying is time and not getting caught in another lie. I already answered your question:

I don’t know what else you want to hear.

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