Manager refused to fill out form

So I’m in the middle of a background check and my manager informed me that she received a letter from OPM. She said she refused to fill out the form.

What’s funny is all my reviews have been stellar, but for one reason or another my manager doesn’t want to fill it out. Says “I don’t want to be liable for anything…”

Did this ever happen to anyone?!

It happens quite often, especially with private companies who don’t want the risk of a civil lawsuit if a former employee decides to file a libel suit.


I would ask that she return the form with an explanation. But, even it she doesn’t, investigators and adjudicators know that this type of thing happens.

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Some companies are limited to disclosing the dates you worked there. I find this ridiculous. But there is enough successful lawsuit history where companies are sued for passing on bad info and at times isn’t entirely accurate. IMHO, if you were a sad sack employee, always late, left early…and if this is documented…it should b provided to any prospective hiring authority. But that is just me. I always lean towards over report, so including evals to the investigator can help paint the picture of a positive contributing employee with value.

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This is common. Be mindful, if this is a Tier 3 (for Secret clearance) you might want to let her know that under the new investigation guidelines she might be contacted directly, usually by telephone, if a response is required for your case. The letter response is quicker and less involvement for her.

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Thanks that’s exactly what she said actually. She said she will forward it to HR because technically she’s not allowed to fill out the form due to company policies.

Thanks I appreciate the input. I just wanted the process to be smooth for everyone from top to bottom. At my work everyone is very scared, every action takes 50 emails or a bunch of signatures to move along something.

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