Massachusetts Senator

Anyone from Massachusetts have any luck reaching out to Senator (Markey or Warren)? I am 13 months from submitting SF86 for TS SCI. I graduated college in 2018. Smoked marijuana a couple times in 2014. Never traveled outside US. Should not be taking this long. Poly/interview/med are done. Most references contacted.

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You might have better response reaching out to your district congressman/woman.

I received a great response from my congressman here in NJ but my senators barely responded and did nothing.

My NY senator is pretty useless too: never responded to my inquiry. I am not even talking about his political stand )).

as I have said, if your senators arent responsive… go to their offices… senators have plenty offices in the states that they represented and in DC… they do pay attention to constituents when they show up. Senators may love cameras, but they sure do hate negative press… especially if they fail to serve their constituents.

Without going off the subject, we need to hold our elected officials accountable, especially on the subject of security clearance.

I was casually browsing my local congressman’s page, and they had a form you fill out for “help with a federal agency”. I was considering reaching out, so I filled out the form and printed it to sign. Later decided it may be a bit premature. (267 days since SF86 submission).

Unbeknownst to me, when you print the form, it sends an email with the information to the congressman also. I have received calls every two weeks from their office asking if I am ready to proceed, and turn in the signed form (they cannot begin without the signed privacy act form).

I’ve asked them to hold for now, but I am extremely impressed with the diligence.

Wow. That definitely did not happen to me.