More obvious cases

Is it just me or are we seeing a lot of cases, at least in the DOHA appeal write ups that make you ask why that person even tried for a clearance much less appealed?

From the military officer who was stealing luggage in his off time, the money launderer, person who made a “typo” of saying the worked for the FBI and NASA…

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Good question. Normalization of bad behavior? Lack of self awareness due to covid isolation?


A lawless attitude in society mixed with mental issues and everyone thinks they can do or say whatever they want nowadays.

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I cannot provide the answers to that question as it is extremely political and my answer will be flagged by people who……

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Maybe CE has something to do with it? So not more Subjects with issues or more issues but a distillation of cases involving Subjects with issues. E.g., gone are the vast number of 5-year PR cases involving 50-something engineers and grey-haired management with stable lives.

Btw, remember SPINs? Cases where you’d only address the flag issue. When they were made into TESIs they became worse than PRSIs because someone with issues (drug use, arrests, EMPL issues, etc.) tended to have a whole host of other issues and was also not overly diligent about correctly filling out his or her SF-86. And the resulting Subject interview was exhausting in having to tease out details because a Subject with issues will provide an explanation as messy and honest as his or her life.


Ahhh, SPINs and affidavits… those are old days and old ways. I have only done one affidavit in the last two years.

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Working a case right now, if subjects lips are moving, a lie is coming out. It is getting to the point where it is almost comical. I may not be an adjudicator but I am pretty sure a kindergartner could see through this person’s web of garbage.


Time for a threat referral?

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Already have an F50 message in so this person is on the radar

I think it is possible to go too far in using the pandemic to rationalize every sort of antisocial behavior!