MSM information

does anyone work for MSM or have any info about them? I hear they pay Investigators on salary and not hourly. I imagine they get lots of productivity out of investigators since they don’t have to pay OT.

Just researched this company last night. They have decent reviews on Glassdoor. Interested in this company as well.

I used to work for a company that had contracts with a government agency that used MSM investigators. I think they were all retired feds (ie, retired investigators/special agents/1811) with a lot of experience.

MSM used to do a lot of BIs around the DC/MD/NVA area. I know they like experience, but I don’t remember them all being retired feds. You never know until you ask them.

Well my experience was a long time ago! Maybe theyve grown since then.

The last time I did any MSM investigator was in the Maryland area back in 2014. They are not well known outside the DC area.