Multiple Customer Initiated Investigations - Harassment?

Hello all, I am a contractor working in a DoD environment with a clean TS/SCI and polygraph(both of which have plenty of time before being reupped). I’ve had multiple customer initiated security investigations(not related to BI or Polygraph) for various topics during a short duration, of which I won’t disclose. All interactions have come up “empty” so to speak. I am a stellar employee(multiple merits with actual respect among coworkers) with an excellent track record that feels like they are being scrutinized with a microscope.

At what point(if ever) is this considered harassment? If you keeping looking under a rock and all you find is soil, at what point is a contractor allowed to say “enough?” Or more importantly, do you start considering legal or is it better to just move on to another contract?

If someone is reporting bad info on you, the company still has to investigate. Your complaint MAY be with a coworker, not your employer. Without knowing the issues, which I understand your not publishing, it’s difficult to tell what may be going on.