My job reposted

I submitted my eqip 2/18. Personal interview 8/18. 12/18 I went on agency website and saw that “my job” that I had a conditional offer for was reposted—same exact but w/ diff job title.

1/19 found out my current employer was contacted (again, first time was 10/18). Personal reference also told me she was contacted (again 1/19.

Weird that my agency never rescinded my conditional offer and that my PT suitability investigation is still in process.

Anyone have any insight?

Do not waste time trying to solve the mysteries of government HR. You will get nowhere and probably injure your brain.

Sounds to me like you are still in the game… hang in there!


Could be as simple as another job opening in that team

"exact same with different title . . . " In government parlance, that’s pretty much a different job. But, in any case, it often happens that jobs get filled and they will continue your clearance and expect that there will be a different opening by the time you’re cleared. They don’t really want to hold a position open for 18 months not knowing that you will clear. There are always people coming and going, they pretty much always have openings.

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