NCIS clearance process

So over a year ago I started my clearance journey. I had served honorably for 20 years. I have a DD-214 to prove it.
There was a problem. I knew because of my investigator interview. She was reciting things to me that were not true. So after about six months I got some feedback from the interview. They were concerned about my mental health. They wanted me to contact my mental health provider and give them a form to fill out. It wan’s a big deal. I submitted it to them they never returned it to Fort Meade. VA wouldn’t give me back the form to let me submit it either. I don’t know what is going on there but VA won’t let me get my own mental health records.
So while I was going under a background investigation for Secret Clearance. I am under going a public trust investigation. So while I was in I met what was to become my wife. I had given her a computer that I bought in Kadena AFB, Okinawa. So I could cheaply communicate with her at the time. If you read my other posts you can see the back story.
Here is what I found interesting. So my command had set me down for an interview with NCIS someone said that they thought I was getting black mailed. Why because I generally am a very private person… During the interview I identified the lady I met overseas, which I had notified the command. They asked about gifts and other things. I talked about the computer.
Public trust feedback is: They wrote in my record that I had taken a government computer and they recovered from my soon to be wife. None of the above is true. My significant other still has the computer. How do I rectify this and get the agent that lied in trouble without sacrificing a government job?The other issue is when you take my finger prints this comes up how do I get it removed?