Need advice on parental alienation and custodial interference

I am looking for information on the acts of Parental Alienation and Custodial Interference by someone who holds a clearance.

How does one deal with a situation where a parent who has a clearance has egregiously and diabolically manipulated their own child against the other parent? The child now has mental issues, is acting out and the child’s personality has changed within a matter of months to the point of needing a therapist.

What can be done if it is proven the parent working for the government is commiting this to prevent the other parent from having a relationship with the child? And that it is damaging to the well-being of the child?

Additonally…the situation is resulting in Custodial Interference because the child is disrespectfully adamant about going home to the custodial home because the ‘government parent’ has twisted things for the child not to want to go home with the other parent, the custodial parent. It is not settled in court for the child to leave, however, the parent has taken it upon themselves to usurp the custody agreement.

This has caused disruption, unecessary legal fees, strife, division amongst the child’s other siblings, mental/emotional trauma and damge to the family.

Does anyone have insight on this?

What can be done to correct the wrong that is being done by a clearance holder against their ex and ultimately hurting the child and siblings?