New Job Amberbunny

Hey all!

Decided to try the Fed Civ side of the house after 20 plus active duty and 18 contracting. Relocating
to wonderful warm San Antonio from Hampton Roads Va.
I will support the HQ of career field I served for 28 previous years. Yes, I am old.

Me, and my faithful pooch will drive my 35 foot RV tomorrow. Tried leaving Friday but underinflated-for-weight tires, sticky brake caliper and unbalanced front tires got me 9 miles before breaking down.

Towed, fixed, rebalanced, upped PSI, roll in AM.


returning to the Security Forces home?

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Oh, Texas. The state with the world’s angriest, raging drivers. On the plus side, San Antonio seemed nicer than DFW area - that is a concrete nightmare.



Congrats and good luck!!

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Indeed. By stables. If my RV quits giving me fits on brakes. Seems they are happy to stop the RV. Not interested in letting it go. Stuck calipers. Likely warped rotors, baked pads now to boot.

Hard stop, strike two. Pesky brakes. I suppose its better if they are stuck on stopping you…as opposed to not stopping. But when they won’t let go and are burning up…not good. At heavy truck center now.

Wow, nice! Change in style indeed from traditional colonial to Spanish colonial. San Antonio on my “to visit” list. Congratulations on moving!

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Your RV sounds like some of the old 6-packs we used to drive in the late 70s… when old AF trucks went to Security until the trucks died.

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If I didn’t know better…spot on. And mechanically…as of late acting like it. At least the steering wheel isn’t carved up.

I live in San Antonio; has resort living 5 months out of year. Welcome! Contact me if you wish for a zoom meeting and later, after Covid, a tour of the city. I’m at

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Congrats on the new job. I moved from contractor to government civilian last year. A bit of an adjustment in terms of assigned tasks, but I love being of the government civilian side of things.

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Thanks! Looking forward too it. On 3rd brake related “break down” traveling with 35 foot RV. Hoping they figure it out this time.