New privacy act statement

Any nerds reading the new privacy act verbatim to every poor subject? I would be very eager to watch someone read the whole URL that is part of the statement.

The power move would be for the investigator to bring an intern to the ESI (yes, of course, against the rules) just to read the verbatim privacy act statement and other lengthy passages that are supposed to be read word for word.

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I can’t read the privacy act, the CUI coversheets are covering up everything and protecting this information from my prying eyes.

I need a new time string to charge all the extra time it’s taking me.

Had my first Subject ask for a copy today.

Couldn’t believe he actually paid attention.


I plead the fifth lol

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We were told the URL was the only part we don’t read - i do read the rest. I’ve adjusted the other required briefing statements since the new PA covers a couple of them.

I still have a hard time not being sarcastic when reading aloud the PA statement. This is the same process where most Subject’s don’t care enough to read the SF86 (or SF85) questions past the first sentence before making their response.

Perhaps next, we will return to reading the questionnaire questions verbatim adding an explanation for the requirements, during the Subject interview.


We had an email sent out that specifically stating that we are to read the entire statement to include the full url.

I genuinely wonder what the subjects think of this…it is a good way to get their minds wondering to what they are going to have for dinner before we even start the interview…


Got to love how they tell the Feds one thing then the contractors something different. I don’t miss being a contractor when i read about this stuff.


This whole new process is ridiculous and way too long…forms over forms, as well as taking too much time. I guess we are not under a paper reduction act any longer.

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