No Longer Desired?

Hi - I have a CJO from an IC agency that I received about 32 months ago. I Graduated college in 2018. I am just waiting on adjudication now. Will probably here tomorrow right?? Obviously, since I was offered a CJO I am qualified enough for the job to the people that reviewed my resume and interviewed me.

However, when the time finally comes for them to put together my FJO is it possible that they will perhaps be unimpressed with my profile and decide not to go forward? I ask because throughout the entire process, I was amazed I kept getting to the next round given, from my own perception, a rather mediocre application profile.

Thoughts appreciated.

Some agencies do drag people through the whole process only to let them down in the end… “So sorry, the position is no longer available” or some such rot. I have heard stories (on this forum and others) of people who got that; in some cases, HR was able to line them up with another position.

The message is to get on with your life, don’t put everything on hold. Anything to avoid sitting there waiting for an email or a letter with some kind of news.