Not a favorable foiya looking for attorney

I have recieved my foiya and like I thought there was a charge for 11,000 on my report from a apartment I believe done me wrong . I spent 31/2 years there with no late payments I lost my job and was going to be evicted then I got a job 2 and a half hours away so I told them I would move at the end of the week they said ok come a few weeks later a collector calling me saying I owe 11000 for breaking the lease I know for a fact they rented the apartment after I left but could not get that info from them I thought I would have to just pay difference but they are wanting payment In Full. I don’t think it’s fair does anyone know of a attorney Doing pro bono or maybe something cheaper ?

Cheaper than pro bono? Good luck with that. I cant imagine owing an apartment complex $11,000.00 for breaking a lease. Did they give you the information for the collection agency? You might want to start with them.

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I have tried talking to them I explained that the apArtment has already been rented I showed pictures of them having occupants in the apartment they told me I am still liable for the lease . I asked them when they got someone to rent it they said privet information they tried to deny some one was there I wanted to take out a sba Liam so I can get a attorney but it’s almost 3month after it’s approved .

That does seem like a crazy amount. You don’t happen to live in Maryland? There are some dirty tricks real estate management companies have been using lately, but not just in MD.

Whether or not the management found someone to rent the apartment is irrelevant. There is a charge for breaking a lease no matter what. Those are two separate issues.

Whether they should have charged you 11k is another question that you need to work out with them.

What I found out in Texas they can charge me but the state says they have to show the money it took them to advertise how long they took to rent it then I would have to pay difference the company sold this debt to a debt collector they don’t own the property so I’m not sure but if they out of business how can I resolve this ??

Are you sure it is not $1,100.00? Something doesn’t seem right. If it is with a collection agency you can negotiate with them and settle for a lessor amount. If you do, don’t give them electronic access to your accounts and do not pay them until they send you a settlement agreement in writing.


The amount was 11,000 by my calculations it would have been 7 months rent not including some fees .

What I found out the company that had the debt sold it to this agency so what they are saying is I broke the lease and should pay them the full amount . As I looked this up north Texas says the only liability I have is for the apartment to let me know what the fees were and how long it took them to rent the apartment .

In my attempt to find the original company that said I owed them I can not find or they have moved on to another venture after selling the debt to an agency . I had a idea I have had 2 apartments I have rented well one house other apartment one I left because I was going to live in the apartment so that lease was 6 months I went 7 and the house I rented for 3 to 4 years both i have good history with and yet I was not charged with leaving early or breaking the lease .

I’m not sure why if I was going to be evicted any way which is more serious than actually telling them that I found a job the day before going to court and telling them I will move to another town because I got a job there and can’t maintain 2 homes . Why that meant I’m breaking the lease .

I spent 3 and a half years in that place with out missing rent going from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom then after 3 months loosing my job and coming into hard times due to loss of employment and trying to get my immigrant wife and son situation legitimized . Certainly does not seem right especially since they née what was going on . I even had my reception in the same apartment that I lived in . 11,000 for breaking my lease kind of seems harsh

There wasn’t a set amount in the lease agreement for breaking the lease?

Either way, if you want it dealt with, you will have to play ball with the debt collection company.

I don’t suppose you have a copy of the lease that should stipulate the fees/costs for breaking it. I would start there before dealing with the collection agency. If you don’t have your copy of the lease, the apartment management company should be able to provide it to you.