Notifying Foreign Nationals

I’m currently filling out my eQIP and am having a hard time with Section 19. I was wondering if I should tell me foreign nationals that I put down on the form that I’m doing this.

Obviously, I would tell the people that verify my employments, residency, and schools that I’m doing this for a security clearance, but for my foreign nationals that I have kept in contact with, what should I tell them, or not tell them? Will they be interviewed, even if they live in another country? What if they’re currently under 18, like some of my cousins are 14,15, or 17 still while I’m 21?

This is a big NO! Please don’t notify any foreign nationals about your employment. Just list their name on the document.

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Generally speaking the BI investigators don’t want you contacting your foreign nationals for that information, they would rather have you guess/put unknown information rather than “alerting” them.

So generally no, they don’t want you alerting them of your potential employment, the BI will do that if needed.

What if I don’t know their employment, date of birth, place of birth, and address?
Will it delay my investigation if I don’t put those information down?

But then again, I just don’t want to ask my foreign contact for these information out of the blue since they’ll ask me why I need it.

Then say that you don’t know anything about their employment. On my document, I wrote down that per their Facebook profile they do X Y Z and that I cannot verify the accuracy of the information given.